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        ME & MY DREAM

       1.  She's Free But She's Not Easy
       2.  If I Had You to Love Over Again
       3.  Mason-Dixon Line
       4.  Happy Hour Blues
       5.  Don't Say Love
       6.  I See His Love All Over You
       7.  United Airlines
       8.  When Will It Be My Turn
       9.  Who Were You Thinkin' Of 
     10.  Georgia Sunshine
     11.  Hard Times

Me and My Dream
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Drowning on the Third Coast
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Jim Glaser
Available Now!!
Tompall & the Glaser Brothers Video (Oral History)
From Nebraska Ranchers to Nashville Rebels is a 90-minute oral history DVD about Tompall & the Glaser Brothers. Available beginning in late-April 2013. Please note that this video does not contain a lot of original recorded music by the Glasers, but it tells a compelling story about their lives and
careers as told by assorted friends, family members, business associates and music industry insiders.

Buy now at:
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Maxine Brown's book,
"Looking Back to See,"
is a must read for those of you who
remember those great records of
The Browns.  This book tells all
about their career, the shysters who
took advantage of them, stole their
royalties, and so much more.
Go to her website (below) for updated information
and to order an autographed copy
of her book:
Maxine Brown Website

Joey Pantoliano's latest book
Joey Pantoliano's Resume on IMDB

Buy Joey's books on Amazon.com
Please play his YouTube video at this address:
Last year when I was appearing on the Classic Opry at the Ryman Auditorium, my daughter, Lynn, (she works in Production for movies and TV shows) called me and asked if I could get a backstage pass for Joey Pantoliano, who was in Nashville doing a movie on which Lynn was working.
Now, Joey played "Cypher" in the movie, "The Matrix," my most favorite movie of all time.  I've loved science-fiction for as long as I can remember and this movie is, to me, the best Sci-Fi movie ever made!  (Joey has been in over 100 movies, including, "The Fugitive," "US Marshalls," "Memento," and many, many more.)  Joey came to the Ryman and stopped by my dressing room!  I was totally in awe just meeting him and then having him watch my performance.
The next day he went to a bookstore in Nashville and bought me a copy of his latest book, "Asylum," which is truly an amazing and inspiring read.  I whole-heartedly recommend it to all of you!  Joey's lifelong battle with depression, ADHD, dyslexia, etc., and his continuing struggle to recognize and deal with these problems--even while pursuing a successful acting career in the highly competitive and stressful environment that is Hollywood--is amazing and inspirational.  Just as amazing and inspirational is his continuing efforts to make people aware of, and help them with, these and other mental "dis-eases"

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