Jim Glaser
  December 30, 2011

     First of all I want to thank all of you thoughtful folks who sent me a card for my birthday, and also those who sent Christmas cards to me or to Jane and me. There's no way I can write each one of you personally so please accept mine and Jane's thanks.
     2011 has been a really good year. My appearances on Country Family Reunion has garnered a lot of positive reaction for me and I'm really enjoying the opportunity of performing a bit more than I have been. Quite a few things are in the works already, so be sure to check the Appearances page now and then to see if I might be coming to your area.
     Jane and I had a great Christmas, lots of family around and -- thanks to Jane and her sister Sarah -- lots of good food,  too. Our daughter Lynn was here along with her daughter,  Keri, and grandson Hayden; our son Jeff drove in from Gatlinburg for the day; daughter Connie was here  along with her daughter, Jessica, who flew in from  Los Angeles, and Connie's son, Cameron, who's in his first year of college at the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville. The only ones missing were our son, Jim II, his wife Patty, and their children and grandchildren who live in the Seattle, Washington, area.
     I'm going to sign off for now, and this will be the last entry of this year. Jane and I wish all of you the very best for the coming New Year.

November 19, 2011

     A lot has certainly been going on since I updated this page. It seems that every time I got started something came up and I'd wind up putting it off. Then the other day Jane and I were watching television and we saw an advertisement for dictation software. "That's which you need," Jane said. "Do you really think it will help?" I asked her. "After all, I can still type nearly 60 words a minute." "That doesn't do you much good if you don't sit down and do it," she said. "Maybe you'll find dictating easier than typing."
     So, I ordered the software which I am now using. I have to admit that Jane was right, this is much easier than typing.
     The shows I've been doing have gone extremely well. The Masters of the Art show we did at the Ernest Tubbs Theater here in Nashville was great and we had friends from all over the world who came to be with us that night. I'm in the process of adding a few pictures from that night to the Photos page.
     My good friend, songwriter and performer, Bobby Tomberlin, asked me to join him and his wife, performer Candi Carpenter, for a Writers Night in Bay City Michigan, a few weeks ago and we had a very enjoyable time up there. Then I was asked to do one of the Classic Country Thursday nights at the  Grand Ole Opry and it was such a treat to once again perform from the Opry stage.
     I've been asked to host the Ernest
Tubb Record Shop Midnite Jamboree on November 26, and I'm really looking forward to that. Appearing with me will be singer-songwriter Jimmy Payne, singer-songwriter, Karen Wheeler, and the legendary Chuck Wagon Gang. Working with me in the band that night will be my old friends Doyle Grisham on lead guitar, Jan Jones on drums, and Steve Kennedy on bass.  If you get the chance, please listen to us on WSM Radio, Clear Channel 650 on your A.M. radio dial.
     Jane and I want to extend to all of you the very best wishes for the coming Holiday Season.

September 14, 2011

Masters of the Art -- Country Legends Series
Kicks Off Tour in Nashville And Commits to Give Back To Communities

For information Contact: Debbie Grisham
Phone: 615-405-5380
E-mail: deb@debgrishamentertainment.com

NASHVILLE -- Sept. 15, 2011 -- The Masters of the Art -- Country Legends Series not only features unparalleled artistry, but also a dedication to community. This group of legendary country pioneers has committed to give back a portion of the proceeds from each show to a specific charity in every city on the series tour. The first stop of the tour will be in Nashville, TN where The Tennessee Baptist Children's Home & Human Alliance Animal Shelter will benefit from ticket sales. 

On October 5, The Masters of the Art -- Country Legends Series will stage their premier performance at the Troubadour Theater on Music Valley Drive in Nashville.  The series will feature a stellar lineup of some of country music's most influential performers, songwriters and musicians, including Jim Glaser, Leona Williams, Ron Williams, Robyn Young & Jimmy Payne. 

Singer/songwriter and Grand Ole Opry member, Jim Glaser, along with his brothers Tompall and Chuck, not only paved the way for modern Country Music groups but also won virtually every group award Country Music had to offer. Over the years, Jim has gained notoriety as a prolific songwriter, penning tunes recorded by such greats as Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, Warner Mack, Liz Anderson, Skeeter Davis, Bill Anderson, to name just a few. He is also co-writer of the Rock and Roll classic by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, "Woman, Woman." 

By the age of 21, Leona Williams was on the road touring with Loretta Lynn. She soon became known for her own brand of music, recording hits such as "Once More," "Country Girl With Hot Pants On" and her signature song "Yes Ma'am." She became a regular on the Grand Ole Opry and was known for her writing ability, penning songs for George Jones, Gene Watson, Connie Smith and many others. She was also a regular on the Merle Haggard Show, writing Merle's #1 hits "You Take Me For Granted" and "Someday When Things Are Good,"and co-writing several others. 

Also featured on the show will be recording artist and songwriter, Jimmy Payne as well as second generation traditional country music innovators, Robyn Young, son of country legend Faron Young and singer/songwriter and son of Leona Williams, Ron Williams. 

Tickets for this great night of legendary country music are $20 and can be purchased now at www.debgrishamentertainment.com.  The tour will make several stops across the country, including its next stop at The Orion Performing Arts Center in Topsham, Maine, in November featuring the same great artists. 

August 3, 2011

     I receive many wonderful emails from people everywhere, always filled with wonderful comments and compliments about my singing/performing/records, etc. Many of you have been following my career (and/or that of Tompall and the Glaser Brothers) for years!
     These messages mean a lot to me, and I always answer each one personally -- even though it may take me several weeks to do so. I appreciate all of you so much.
     I'd like to share with you an email I received from Terry Trent. I received it on a day when I was down in the dumps about something (I don't even remember what it was) and Terry's email really lifted my spirits. I'd like to share it with you:

     To: jim.glaser@comcast.net  Subject:     A Hearty Arkansas Thank You!
     I still to this day tell the story... ...of the astonishment and outright surprise I experienced when my family was treated to what I consider to be a rare moment in our lives, when we would be so lucky as to run upon your performance one summer several years back when we visited Dollywood.
     I am sure it was just another "Day at the office" in your life where so many such occurrences happen all the time, but I made sure my wife and kids knew what they had just witnessed. Oh sure, the opening acts were "OK". They were professionally done. All the big noise and electronic assistance known to man. But I was raised in a home where both of my parents had been in the music industry long enough that it was a natural thing for me to be born with... and raised in an environment which forged an uncanny ear for music... and REAL MUSICAL TALENT. I don't see or hear much of it from tee vee these days. And on that summer day, I will admit, I did not realize the significance of your name from the marquis outside until the MOMENT you started to sing... when I quickly informed my wife and kids as to "WHO" you are in terms of legendary performers worthy of note, and our ears absolutely "drank" from that solo performance and overall experience... from that day until right now, and it is STILL not over. That was one time in my life when a solo performance was so clean and clear, I could swear I was hearing the background vocals sing along with you. It was like addition by subtraction, I guess. I was astonished. My wife Marilyn contacted you recently and I must say that I was impressed that you would have taken the time to return that communication. We are both very grateful for that. As I was telling her and my children about your musical past, to let them know more about you than just "El Paso", I seemed to recall that you guys were featured at my dad's show in Little Rock during the late 60's, the "TOMMY TRENT SHOW". I remember a black and white glossy on display of you guys as a coming attraction, but I was not there when the show happened. My Dad's name was honored in his home town of Knoxville, where many Musicians there are shown engraved on the sidewalk by the "big music note" figure downtown. He and his room mate Chet Atkins were together several years on something called Mid Day Merry-Go- Round, or something like that, when they first started in the early 40's. As I said, I have a rich heritage in country music even though I followed the advice of both my parents to pursue other interests.
     They later regretted giving that advice, but I did not. I still have music in me, and I can perform or enjoy other performers any time I want, not just when someone else wants me to. And I do recognize the genius in you. Your harmonic style deserves all the recognition it has received and much more.
     How about this for understatement... we are fans of yours.
     It is not often that I get the chance to thank someone I consider to be a hero of mine for their contributions to the music world, but I am one who truly admires what you have "brought to the table" in terms of musical heritage. THANK YOU. Terry and Marilyn Trent

THE TRENTS ‒Ė Marilyn, Tara, Terry and Terry Jr. (TJ)

     And my thanks to the Trents, and to all of you who take the time to let me know that my music has meant, and/or still means, something special to you. Music has been important to me and has touched my life in so many ways. To hear from so many of you that you've been touched by my music, well, what could be more gratifying than that?
     I've begin the processes necessary to record a new CD, but more on that next time.
     Until then, take good care of yourselves and of each other.  --Jim Glaser

July 22, 2011

     Last Tuesday night (July 12th) at 7:00 PM my agent called me to ask if I could fill in on 3 days in Michigan (July 13th, 14th, & 15th) to replace Wade Hayes who had taken suddenly ill. (He's O.K. now, I hear.) Anyway, I was in Nashville, 45 miles away from home when I got the news so I rushed home, booked airline tickets, reserved a car, packed my bags and slept a little over an hour before driving to the airport. I arrived in Detroit around noon, picked up my car, drove to Manistee, Michigan, arriving in time for soundcheck with the great band, Center Stage, and then did the show at 6:30 PM. The next night was in Cadillac, Michigan, and the last in Cheboygen, Michigan. Saturday I drove the 4 1/2 hours back to the Detroit airport to catch the plane back to Nashville. I got home around 9:00 PM Saturday night.
     Now, 20 years ago that would have taken me about 1 day to recover, but these days it takes me much longer. Today is the 6th day and I'm just beginning to feel normal again. I apologize to everyone whose emails I've been late in answering. I'll get to them all, it just may take me a few more days. I've caught up with a lot of them today.
     I thank all of the wonderful fans in Michigan who came to the shows expecting to see Wade Hayes but instead were presented with me as the last-minute replacement. Your applause and acceptance of me and me music were greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

     Until next time, take care of yourselves and of each other. --Jim Glaser

July 2, 2011
           Ever wonder who decides what's played on your local radio stations?
     I had a call a few weeks ago from an old friend/fan from Florida, Jon Caudill. He told me he'd talked to Monte at radio station WGWD-FM in Quincy, Florida, who told him that if I'd send a copy of my CD to the station he'd play it.
     Now, when my latest CD "Me and My Dream" was released in 2004, I sent hundreds of copies to radio stations all around the United States and NOT ONE COULD PLAY A SINGLE SONG from it. The reason was that in the early part of the 1990, a law was changed which had, up until that point in time, prohibited any one person or corporation from owning more than one radio or television station in any one market. The new law which changed this was tacked onto a bill Congress was passing which would allow more of the airwaves to be used for the cell phone industry.
     This change in the law for the cell phone industry was a necessary change; we all know how much we all rely on cell phones these days. But the change in the law regarding the ownership of radio and television stations was pushed through by lobbyists working for big corporations who wanted to completely control all of the music radio stations played, thus giving them nearly total control of the music industry...including Country Music.
     When I called some of the radio stations I had mailed my CD to, and even spoke to some of the disk jockeys who had been so good to me and my records back in the first half of the 1980s when I was having top ten records and even a number one, they all told me that -- although they loved the new CD -- if they played even one track one time, they would be fired immediately! I was told they could only play songs on the list sent down from their corporate headquarters, thus giving complete control to the big corporations.
     So, when I sent a copy of my CD to WGWD-FM in Quincy, Florida and Monte and Calico started playing EVERY SONG ON THE CD, I was totally amazed. I've since done an on-air interview with Calico and heard from several listeners who went to my website afterwards and emailed me, some even ordering the CD.
     So...if there are any other people out there who read this and are good enough friends with the folks at some radio station (it'll have to be one not owned by those big corporations!) ask them if they'll at least listen to my CD if I send them a promotional copy and, if they like any of it, play it on their radio station.
     Thanks again to Jon Caudhill, to Monte, to Calico, and to all of listeners of WGWD-FM.
     Until next time, take good care of yourselves and of each other. --Jim Glaser

April 19, 2011
                            ....Let's Put On A Show....
I've gotten tons emails from fans and friends who have seen "Country's Family Reunion" on the RFD channel. Your comments are so warm and wonderful and mean more to me than I can say.
       Many of you have asked if I had any plans to appear anywhere close to where you live and that, if I do, you'd like to come to the show. Interesting...
     It's interesting to me because at the few shows I've done recently -- mostly in Michigan, thanks to Wolverine Productions who booked me up there -- I've really been aware of how much folks miss the older, more traditional Country Music and how much they appreciate hearing it and seeing it performed.
     Most of the people who came to those shows were over fifty years old, and I learned so much from them about what they appreciate in a live show.
          1. The venues need to be kept relatively small; large venues create problems...
          2. The people running the sound system need to be aware that Senior Citizens don't like loud music...the volume needs to be kept at a level where it can be heard without hurting their ears. And they want to hear the singer's voice above the band, not buried in it.
          3. The band has to be very aware of the "stage level of their volume." The volume of a live band begins with the drummer; if he's loud, everyone else has to play louder to be heard.
          4. Ticket prices have to be kept low; Seniors can't afford the high prices being charged at Country Music shows today.
          5. The shows shouldn't be too long; you seniors out there know how uncomfortable it can be to sit for a long time, often on unpadded seats...our own seats often don't have the padding they used to.
          6. These shows can't be large "Package" shows with many artists on the same bill. First of all, the cost would be prohibitive in light of what I've said above and Second, the shows would run too long.
     Most promoters would say it's impossible to put together shows these days with the restrictions I've listed above. But I believe it can be done, all it will take is performers who are truly interested in bringing our music to people who really want it and need it, and who are willing to keep their appearance fees in a reasonable range.
     What it may take to make this work is a "Sponsor," a Company whose main market is Senior Citizens and who would back these shows for the rights to advertise their wares at these concerts. Impossible, you say? Well, maybe so...but at least I haven't lost the ability to dream the dream. And, if any of you out there know of anyone who may be able to help with this dream, please let me know.
     Until next time, take good care of yourselves and each other. --Jim Glaser

April 18, 2011
     I get so many wonderful emails from folks out there...I answer each one although it sometimes takes me 3 or 4 weeks.
     A few weeks ago I got an email which was especially meaningful to me, maybe because the person's memories of when I met him years ago painted me in a good light -- something my own memories can't often manage to do.
     Here's an excerpt of his email:

     "More than 30 years ago, you hosted a small concert just down the street from the Hall of Fame in Nashville called the Nashville Jubilee. I was one of the wanna-be hopefuls and one night at the end of the performance you presented me with a cake for my 21st birthday in front of the audience. You led them all in the birthday song. You later invited me to your studio and you took the time to give me some brotherly advise about my songs and the business. ...It was years later that I saw you perform... (about the time Man in the Mirror was released), and we visited a short while after the show. Tonight I went on line and listened to your more recent live version of Woman Woman. You sound beautiful.  --William Wasser"

     There's a picture of William and his wife, Libby, on my Photos page.
     I've more news to add, hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.....well, I said hopefully.
     Take good care of yourselves and of each other.  --Jim Glaser

March 17, 2011
     The Writers' Night gig last night at the Commodore Lounge in Nashville went very well; Jimmy Payne, Glen Tubb, and Don Wayne and I were on the Round which started a little after 8:00 PM.  Lots of friends from the "old days" were there (notice I didn't say 'lots of old friends"). Doyle Grisham and his wife, Debbie, Bob Eggers and wife, Julia, Bill Holmes, Jimmy Payne's wife, Jo, and my wife, Jane, plus several others I hadn't seen in years others who'd followed me and my music for years.....all in all a very enjoyable evening.
     Beautiful weather here in Tennessee, my knees feel very good -- I'm not quite sure which of the countless things I'm trying now may be the reason -- but I haven't done my miles with this little pain since back in June of 2009.
     Son, Jeff, is opening a new store in Gatlinburg. His old store there lost access to the lot next door where his customers parked while shopping. so he closed that store and opened a trial shop in Savannah, Georgia. That store was coming along well but wasn't doing enough business to justify renting a house or apartment there, since he still owns his mountain-top home near Gatlinburg. So he moved back home and waited until he found a good site in Gatlinburg, which he now has. It's right beside the Hard Rock Cafe in the heart of downtown, and he plans to open it by this weekend (March 19th). When you visit Gatlinburg, be sure to stop by his store, the Hemp Store, for lots of wonderful items made from that incredible, long-wearing hemp fiber.
     Daughter Lynn is hard at work...she's Production Manager for the upcoming CMT Awards Show. The amount of work and attention to detail involved in on those shows is staggering.
     Daughter Connie is still hard at work at St. Thomas Heart here in Murfreesboro. She's an Echo and Ultra Sound tech and also fills in at the Hospital here on the weekends. She's in constant pain from severe back problems, I don't see how she manages to do all she does. She's scheduled for another back surgery in early April to see if will help.
     Youngest son, Jim II, still lives with his wife, Patty, near Seattle, Washington. Jane and I will be out there in June for granddaughter, Kayla's, graduation from high school.  Son, Alex, is trying for his driver's learner's permit, youngest son, Dylan, is finishing the 8th grade (well, I think it's the 8th!).
     Patty works for the school district (O.K., so I've forgotten exactly what her job title is, but I know she's important!) and Jim II still drives a truck on a dedicated route...out one day and back the next.  When I ask him sometimes how he's doing, he'll say, "Well, you know, the same old thing....drive east, drive west..}. Reminds me of my years on the road.
     Heard from a very old friend recently, Mr. Don Howe.  Don owned a music store, Don's Music Supply, in Streator, Illinois, and was always a friend to all musicians as he was to me and the members of the Jim Glaser Band. Don is spending the winter in Texas with his daughter, Peggy. Peggy says her mom was a terrific mandolin musician and played in her native Texas and also with the Louisiana Hayride. Don said he fell in love when he heard her sitting on the floor playing the steel guitar rag on HIS guitar.
     I've included a picture of Mr. & Mrs Howe on the 2011 Photos page. Mrs. Howe passed away in March of 2010. She was a musician -- as was/is Don, he played Dobro and steel guitar -- Mrs. Howe played mandolin on the Louisiana Hayride and around Texas.
     That's all for now.  Take good care of yourselves and each other.  --Jim Glaser
February 17, 2011

     I've had emails from many of you asking how to get a copy of the "Family Reunion" show I taped (see the January 1st entry below) and when it will be shown on RFD TV. I don't know when it will be shown, but Jeanne from Wisconsin sent me the following information:
"The name of the video is 'Family Reunion, Grand Ole Time.' I just asked for the DVD that was done in 2010 with Jim Glaser performing.  There are five DVDís in the setÖfour of performances and one 'Backstage.' I didnít actually order it online because it never was offered there, at least not yet.  I called and ordered it.   It was $86.90. Here's the address and phone number:
    Gabriel Communications
    916 Harpeth Valley Place
    Nashville, TN 37221

I hope LOTS of people order this -- I love it!"
Thanks, Jeanne. And actually, I've heard from quite a few of you out there who have ordered the tapes already, and thanks to all of you.
     I've also heard about some new videos of me on YouTube, also of Tompall and the Glaser Brothers. I've also been asked when I'll put up a FaceBook page and at the moment I have no plans to do so. And no, too, to a Twitter account. I think they're both great but I barely have time to occasionally update this site and I hesitate to take on anything else.
     That's all for now. Take care of yourselves and of each other.  --Jim Glaser

January 30, 2011
I want to thank all of you who emailed me recently with birthday wishes, also for the many Christmas and New Year's greetings. I try to respond to each one but sometimes I get absolutely covered up. I've been getting more than 150 emails a month and, as you may imagine, it takes a lot of time to keep up.
     Still, I try to respond to all of you who have written personal notes and I do this myself, no secretary. And I haven't resorted to automatic answers yet. My daughter, Lynn, tells me I should put up an "Artist's Facebook" site and I know she's right, that it is an excellent promotional tool. But I have a hard time updating my own web site as often as I should and it will continue to be my main priority. Maybe I'll hire someone to do a Facebook page....
     I've been getting many wonderful emails from folks who have purchased DVD copies of the Country Family Reunion show I did back in October. It hasn't aired yet (on the RFD channel) and I'm not sure when it will.
     I've also been getting more and more requests for CDs of Man In The Mirror, my album from back in the 1980s. I haven't been able to find any copies for sale anywhere, at least not in CD format. Occasionally there will be a vinyl or cassette copy on eBay, but not the CD. I've been talking to the man at the record label about re-issuing it but so far there's been no decision to do so.
     One of the problems is that when Noble Vision released "Man In the Mirror" in CD format, they made a deal with MCA to include "Lights of Albuquerque," which wasn't in the original album but was actually in my 2nd (and last!) MCA album.  It was just starting to get really strong radio response when MCA decided to stop promoting it. The odd thing is that even though MCA has no interest in releasing either album in CD format, they are still difficult for Noble Vision to deal with in getting the rights to include that song in the CD release of "Man In The Mirror." And neither Noble Vision nor I want to re-issue the CD without that track.
     That's about it for this time. Take good care of yourselves and each other. --Jim Glaser

January 1, 2011
     I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday Season. We certainly did, lots of visiting with family and friends. Our granddaughter, Jessica Kinney (Connie's daughter) came from Los Angeles and son Jeff came from Gatlinburg.
     And speaking of Jessica, be sure to check out her website and YouTube video...links to both are on the Home Page.
     Thanks to all of you who attended the concerts in Michigan over the past few months. I truly enjoy performing these days, perhaps as much or more than I ever have. And the responses from those of you who came to the shows was truly gratifying. I hope I'll have the opportunity to to perform for a few more years, until Father Time lets me know it's time for me to quit.
     I had the pleasure of filming appearances for the Country Family Reunion shows, which can be purchased on their website, 


and which will also be shown on the cable channel, RFD.  I had such a wonderful time taping the shows and saw so many of my friends in Country Music that I hadn't seen in years. I've already heard from many of you out there who have already received their DVDs or VHS tapes of the shows on which I'm appearing and I really appreciate your warm comments. That series shows has been produced now for several years under various names and is tremendously popular all across America -- not only with the mature crowd who grew up listening to these performers and their music -- but also with a large portion of the younger Country Music Fans.
     I haven't updated this website as often as I should have, I know. But as I'm easing on into my "golden years" I find myself getting more involved in family and friends and other things, things which provide ready excuses for my  procrastination. Performing and the Music Business are still very important to me, but they're not the all-consuming controllers of my life which they were for so many years.
     Occasionally I get emails from some of you saying you've written to me in the past and I never answered you. Please believe me when I say that I always answer your emails, even though it may take me some time to do so. I've experienced trouble with my email provider several times before and have always been able to get it straightened. But, of course, I have no way of knowing whose emails I never received and if you're one of these, please accept my apologies.
     I know I'm fast approaching the time when I'll no longer be able to keep up with the emails, or the "sometimes" updating of this website. But until that time comes, please understand that I'm doing the best I can. I'm looking into another email service which could give me the ability to "auto-answer" some of the correspondence which doesn't require a personal response from me.
     But everything takes longer for me get done these days. I just bought a new computer -- my first since 2005 -- and the learning curve is quite intense, what with moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 with all it's new bells and whistles. I've been in love with computers for a long time, having bought my first in 1986 with the help of my nephew, Jerry Ryan. But the technology is moving and expanding so rapidly it's hard just to keep up at times.
     That's about it for now. Daughter Lynn leaves for California tomorrow to work on the Critic's Choice Awards Show (she works in the production departments) and her two kittens, Madison and Molly, and staying with us. They join our own cats, Harry and Kbbittens (who came with me from my old home in the woods), our two new cats, Montana and Max, and Jane's (and mine) Pomeranian, Rocky. No wonder I have so little free time!
     Until next time, take good care of yourselves and of each other.  --Jim Glaser



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