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Version 1

     Jim Glaser first gained national attention at age nineteen when he sang the high part on the Marty Robbins’ classic “El Paso.” As members of the Grand Ole Opry for fifteen years, Jim Glaser and his brothers (Tompall and Chuck) not only paved the way for modern Country Music groups but also won virtually every group award Country Music had to offer. Billboard Magazine named them the most awarded Country group of the time.
     Glaser was much in demand as a background singer and did countless sessions with the Jordanaires, the Anita Kerr Singers, The Nashville Edition, etc. He sang tenor with such varied artists as Wayne Newton, Jon Schneider, Bobby Lord, Charley Pride, and many others.
     Jim set out on a solo career in 1980 and his first release, “When You’re Not A Lady,” still holds the record for being the most successful first release of a new label, staying on the national charts an incredible 34 weeks. In 1984, his “You’re Getting’ To Me Again” hit number one on Billboard’s charts and he was voted Top New Male Vocalist by the Academy of Country Music. Jim’s first solo album, the critically-acclaimed “Man In The Mirror,” stayed on Billboard’s Album charts for over a year and a half. The album contained six singles, four of which were Top Ten records on Billboard's charts.
     As a song writer, Glaser has had songs recorded by Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, Warner Mack, Liz Anderson, Skeeter Davis, Bill Anderson, to name just a few. He is co-writer of the Rock and Roll classic by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, "Woman, Woman."
     Jim Glaser's latest CD, "Me and My Dream," contains 11 songs written or co-written my Jim. He did all of the background vocals on the CD with the exception of one song, on which he was joined by his daughter, Lynn.

Version 2

     From the time Jim Glaser left his family's 1200-acre farm in the heart of Nebraska, at age nineteen, to travel the world with famed singer Marty Robbins, he has been at the vanguard of country music's developments and trends. Well-known as a singer and songwriter by country music fans the world over, and well-respected by the most prominent players in the music business today, Jim Glaser is the perfect performer to fill your entertainment needs.
     As members of the Grand Ole Opry for fifteen years, Jim Glaser and his two brothers (Tompall and the Glaser Brothers) won nearly every group award country music had to offer. As a matter of fact, Billboard Magazine presented them with an award for being the most awarded group in country music at that time.
     In the early 1980s, Jim began recording as a solo artist for the newly-formed independent label, Noble Vision Records. Their first release, "When You're Not A Lady," still holds the record for being the most successful first release of a new label, staying on the national charts an incredible 34 weeks!
     Jim Glaser and Noble Vision Records continued having hits and, in 1984, the year that saw, "You're Gettin' To Me Again" reach the coveted number one position on Billboard's charts, Jim Glaser was voted "Top New Male Vocalist of the Year" by the Academy of Country Music.
     Jim's first solo album, "The Man In The Mirror," was then released. It quickly entered Billboard's album chart, where it remained for more than a year and a half! In all, six top-twenty singles were pulled from that landmark LP.
    Jim Glaser's long musical heritage—over 40 years as a professional—gives him a rich and varied background from which to draw material for his show. As well as flawless renditions of his own hits, The Jim Glaser Show includes musical tributes to other great artists he's worked with over the years, including Tompall and the Glaser Brothers, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline.    The Glaser Brothers travelled with the Marty Robbins show for three years, and it's Jim's tenor voice you hear on Marty's classic, "El Paso." Some of the first country performers to appear in Las Vegas, Marty Robbins and Tompall and the Glaser Brothers had a six-week run at the Showboat Casino in 1960!
     The Brothers' stint on the road with Johnny Cash included performances at SteelPier in Atlantic City and New York City's prestigious Carnegie Hall. And Jim and his brothers were with Patsy Cline for her debut in Las Vegas's Mint Casino just weeks before her tragic death.
     The Jim Glaser Show is ideally suited to audiences of all ages. Ralph Emery, host of Nashville Network's long-running Nashville Now says that, "Jim Glaser has one of the best voices in Nashville!" Glaser's smooth delivery and easy manner instantly puts crowds at ease. Glaser also performs songs he's written for other artists, such as Gary Puckett and the Union Gap's giant hit, "Woman, Woman".
     And woven among these familiar songs are colorful stories and insights that give Jim Glaser's audiences a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of country music as seen through the eyes of one of its top performers.

Jim and Jane have four children. They are:
      Lynn Glaser, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and works as Production Manager for many different movies, television shows, videos, etc.
      Jeff, who lives in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and owns a retail outlet there known as The Hemp Store.
      Connie, who lives in middle Tennessee.  She has 2 children, Jessica, who is  in Los Angeles, and Cameron, who is in College at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Connie is an Echo/Ultrasound technologist for St. Thomas Heart.
      Jim (James II) and Patty, who live near Seattle, Washington, with his 3 children:  Kayla, Alex,  and Dylan.


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