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Kathleen Caudill, Jim, Jon Caudill

Jon Caudill gave me this card he got from Chuck Glaser back in 1965 when he and his friend, John, visited our offices. He said spent several hours a day over 3 days...

..listening to his songs and offering advice. Jon said that while they were in my office I introduced them to Skeeter Davis, who'd come in with her small dog.

Jim Glaser-Jimmy Payne sing "Woman, Woman"
at Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree

Jim and Gordon J. Wilson, from England

Jim & Jimmy DeLaigle

Glaser Brothers awards from the Nebraska Country Music Hall of Fame
Our nephew, Jerry Ryan, accepted the awards for the Brothers and sent this picture.

Glaser Brothers plaque at the Grand Ole Opry House
Sent by Gordon J. Wilson

Marilyn, Jim, Terry at ET's Record Shop Show

Lynn Glaser with band, "Gotcha Kuvr'd"

Rex Allen, Jr., hosting Midnite Jamboree

L to R:  Debbie, Sinnie, Robin

Doug and Jeanne from Wisconsin

Tiggy from England

Jim, Bobby Tomberlin, Jimmy Fortune at a
recent appearance at Studio A, Opry House

Ashley, Paul Gauvin, Deontae
The picture on the left is from my recent trip to visit musician Paul Gauvin, my close friend and leader of my band in the 1980s. Ashley is Paul's daughter and my godchild and Deontae is her beautiful son.

Paul will be playing in the band for the shows on October 5th here in Nashville.
Also in the band will be my old friend, Doyle Grisham on lead guitar. Doyle played in the Glaser Brothers band in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. My last CD was partly recorded in his studio and engineered by him. He also co-produced the CD.
 Doyle's brother, Shorty Grisham, who was in my band back in the 1970s, will be on bass.
Jan Jones, also from my band in the 1970s, will be on drums.

David McCormack of Ernest Tubb
Record Shop and Jim

Jim singing at Midnight Jamboree
Rex Allen, Jr. Hosted

Jim, Rex Allen, Jr., and David McCormack

Jim & Songwriter Bobby Tomberlin

Jim Glaser, Jim Reilly, George Hamilton IV

Jim performing at Quonset Hut
The above 3 photos are from the Grand Opening of the legendary Quonset Hut Recording Studio

Don Howe and his late wife
(See New Page -- Mar. 17th for story)

Wembley Festival - London, England - 1973 - Sent by Stan Laundon

William & Libby Wasser
(See New Page -- Apr. 18th for story)
On the left....
A note we sent to a fan named Rita
announcing our latest Decca Records release...circa early 1960s
Autographed picture we sent to Rita...

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